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Challenge: Day 2 of 90

I am in a hotel room about to go to a writers' conference. On the plane yesterday I was looking for my daily sentence, the one that accomplishes what it intends, the one in which form marries function and we ride the swell of collusion.

I used to have tenth graders repeat: All communication is manipulation. "Manus" is Latin for "hand"so the word 'manipulation' need not carry malevolent bias, it only means intentionally crafted. Any sentences to do with marketing are naked with manipulation. My daily sentence comes from the Alaska Airlines in-flight magazine Alaska Beyond.

Page 75: The boned bodice and flared skirt give off a vintage aesthetic, while pockets give the dress a modern update and make it suited for many situations, whether at home or on the go ($178;

This sentence contains more alliteration, parallel structure and friendly, familiar aphorisms (on-the-go).  Of course there is an awesome picture with the advert of a hot…

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